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To help prepare people for REAL JOBS, IS Living’s Career Services Division offers a variety of customized employment services which align with Oregon’s Employment First Initiative.

Employment Path Services

Employment Path Services are available through our Contract Services Division. For many of the people we serve, this program provides a bridge for our clients to the community. While offering an interactive hands-on experience, they build confidence and composure in preparation for employment in an integrated, community based job. IS Living currently provides learning opportunities for people in packaging, janitorial, and landscaping services, which we offer in the community. While taking part in these services, individuals learn skills and achieve goals which they can use when they are ready for integrated community employment... REAL JOBS!


Discovery is often a great first step for people considering community employment. Typically, discovery is an interactive process where you work with an employment specialist to identify your skills, interests, and the ideal conditions of employment. Once completed you can use the assessment to enter into vocational rehab with confidence that the right job is out there just waiting for you to find.

Job Placement

IS Living’s employment team draws from a variety of backgrounds, and wide range of skills and practices to assist you in finding a job that not only suits your interests and needs, but also benefits your employer. This dual relationship results in longer lasting jobs with opportunities to grow. Our services include traditional job development, customized job carves or assistance with self employment. Our placements can include initial job coaching, developing training with a focus on independence through various types of supports.

Ongoing Support

We all need help at sometime or another at work. IS Living provides initial ongoing, as well as long term, supports for many clients. When we step in to provide long term supports it can sometimes be to maintain someone’s current job, or to help them transition during a transfer or promotion.

(Alliance In Community to Inspire Vitality in Everyone)coffee-book-store

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Our Community Inclusion Program is a service designed to inspire our clients by building confidence and proficiency through meaningful interactions and experiences that allow the individuals that we serve to be an integral part of our community. With this goal in mind, we provide fun, guided, exciting, individualized exploration in the form of one-on-one activities and occasional group adventures.

What is Employment First

Employment First is based on premise that everyone, including people with Intellectual/Developmental disabilities, are not only capable of having and retaining jobs the community, but want to have jobs in the community. Since implementation of this initiative Oregon has invested in system change efforts which will result in increased community based, integrated employment opportunities.

The overwhelming amount and types of change have recently left many feeling uncertain, but with more organizations like IS Living providing these services, there has never been a better time to start down the employment path to community integrated employment. REAL JOBS!


Jordan Blake, Vice President- Career Services