Contracting Services

IS Living provides Custodial/Janitorial and Landscape Services throughout the Willamette Valley. Every member of our “crews” are continually learning new skills and how to perform to their optimum ability. There is a sense of camaraderie on each “team” and a feeling of belonging. When an individual is ready to explore a more regular job, working in a particular industry or area, they become part of our Employment Path program, where they work with a Job Developer to find just the right job fit for their likes and skill sets.

IS Living offers Custodial/Janitorial services, with customers ranging from small business offices to larger state and local government buildings. Custodial crew members may learn how to vacuum, dust, mop, or clean offices and restrooms. Each of our employees takes pride in doing their best, knowing that the next day the resident employees will have a bright, clean environment in which to conduct their business.

As with our landscape crews, each custodial crew is led by a trained Crew Leader/DSP, capable of handling any emergency which might arise. Our custodial crews work weekdays from 4:00 – 9:00 pm, which makes this an excellent opportunity for someone who is not an early riser, but still wants to work. We use only environmentally safe products, which benefits the business, and their employees, as well as protecting our crew members from unpleasant chemical odors and unhealthful exposure to toxic chemicals.

For businesses or individuals who are interested in either our Landscape or Custodial services, we offer competitive pricing, excellent service and environmentally safe products. We are an official QRF licensed not-for-profit organization, which means you will be helping others to help themselves when you contract for any of our services.

Steve Dent, Service Manager