Living Services

Living Services Division

IS Living's Living Services Division offers a diverse, comprehensive menu of 24-hour residential services to support individuals with their personal preferences and choices in a family-like atmosphere. 

Our homes are staffed with caring, qualified, and well trained individuals. Continuing education is a key to our success. We maintain our homes with the highest quality standards in mind.

The autonomy of our clients is of utmost importance to us - their ability to guide their own life and make decisions for themselves.

Recreational and Leisure Opportunities

The residents of IS Living's 24-hour residential homes enjoy a variety of activities, such as: local festivals, art shows, holiday celebrations, movies, picnics, and parks. The Program Coordinators plan these outings with input from the clients with regard to their interest.

Implementation of Individual Support Plans

At IS Living, we strive to make each ISP a person-centered experience. The ISP consists of goals for the next year - IS Living's Program Managers and Coordinators do not steer the client in the creation of these goals; rather, they make sure that the wishes of the client are respected. In addition, our clients get to choose the location of their annual meeting and specify who they would like to attend. This is a very interactive experience.

Health Care Management

Each of IS Living's residential teams has a medical support specialist that is responsible for scheduling medical appointments, addressing dietary concerns, ordering medications, and more. Confidentiality of our clients medical records is closely monitored. 


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